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LG G6 Could Sport Dual Micro SD Card Slots, 4200 mAh Battery, and Indestructable Sapphire Screen

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To say that LG is intending on holding back with the reveal of the LG G6 had better think again. There’s been speculation that the Korean tech manufacturer will be sticking with the status quo as the LG G5 is still one of the most innovative handsets on the market, but it’s time to think again. New LG G6 rumors suggest we’ll see more memory, power, speed, juice, and an indestructible screen added to an already refined smartphone concept.

The LG G6 concept sounds as though it’ll be the perfect complement for productivity, entertainment, and business purposes alike. We’re hearing not one, but the possibility of seeing two Micro SD card slots giving users an extra 256GB of memory. This is an almost endless supply of movie downloads, spreadsheets, music, apps, and anything else you can think of packing into one smartphone.

A 4200 mAh battery is also being rumored, and the ability of making it removable will give users the ability to swap out the battery in those times of need. While most manufacturers have moved to a non-removable battery in a uni-body design, LG is one of the few giving users the ability for more juice.

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