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LG Smartphone Features: 3 Most Amazing Features of the New LG V20

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The LG V20 has been able to generate a massive buzz among the smartphone lovers with its cool look and top notch specification. Its features can go toe to toe with any high-end device on the market. In this article, you will find 3 of the most amazing latest <strong>LG smartphone features</strong>.

<h2>LG Smartphone Features: More Effective Secondary Display</h2>
Similar to its predecessor, the LG V20 comes with the secondary display on top of the primary one. It might sound a weird idea to you at the beginning. But when you start using the device, you will find that the secondary display is really effective. It supports lock screen notifications as well as your personal signature. You can also get access to different apps by tapping the shortcuts on it. More specifically, sometimes, it proves to be more useful than the primary display. So, it is definitely one of the most amazing latest LG smartphone features.
<h2>LG Smartphone Features: Military Grade Endurance</h2>
The LG V20 comes with MIL-STD-810G impact resistance rating. More specifically, it is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum and an advanced silicone polycarbonate. As a result, it becomes military grade shock absorbent. So, even it falls accidentally from the top of the table or from your hand, it will still be able to survive and operate without any issue. It is one of the most significant latest LG smartphone features that will surely drive a huge number of consumers.
<h2>LG Smartphone Features: Outstanding Audio Recording and Playback Capability</h2>

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