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LG G6 Smartphone to Feature Integrated Quad-DAC for “Best Sound,” Teased to have a Great Reliability

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In January, it was confirmed that the LG G6 smartphone would be revealed at the MWC 2017. And now, the Korean company is gradually confirming some of its key features. In this article, you will find two confirmed features of the next-gen smartphone.

LG G6 Smartphone to Feature Integrated Quad-DAC for “Best Sound”

LG G6 Smartphone to Feature Integrated Quad-DAC for “Best Sound”

Typically, the LG smartphones come with an outstanding ability to produce a buzzing sound. One prime example is the LG V20, which is able to generate a pin sharp noise. Thanks to the Quad DAC. The next-gen LG G6 smartphone will be no different. The company has confirmed to apply an upgraded version of the Quad DAC in the upcoming device.

The Quad DAC is built by the ESS, one of the big names in the audio chipset industry. The component will allow the G6 to produce sound with an amazing balance, while delivering high capacity sound sources with an incredible accuracy and pace. Moreover, it will reduce the static noise by 50 percent. All the improvements will allow the LG G6 smartphone to produce the best sound. As a result, it will become an audiophile’s dream.

LG G6 Smartphone Teased to have a Great Reliability

LG G6 Smartphone Teased to have a Great Reliability

LG has also revealed another teaser. This is time, it is about reliability. The placard in pinkish purple color reads “Reliability. Check, Check, Check.” However, LG hasn’t revealed any details about the specific reference. But we strongly believe that a substantive screen technology, like Gorilla Glass 5, will be introduced. In the previous month, the company asked the gadget lovers about their desired features of an ideal smartphone. One of the answers referred to a more reliable device that doesn’t force the users to keep spending money for repairing the cracked display.

We also strongly believe that the LG G6 smartphone will come with the highly advanced safety features. Samsung lost a significant portion of their smartphone market share due to the battery burning issue of the Galaxy Note 7. For this reason, LG has conducted strict in-house testing of the G6 for analyzing and solving all the safety related issues. So, in terms of safety, the next-gen device will be very promising.

This is the end of the article. We will post more articles on the confirmed features of the LG G6 smartphone. So, do not forget to check our website regularly.

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